If you are like most pet owners, you worry about leaving your loved ones in the right hands when you go on vacation or when you must leave for business. Whether it’s for one evening, a few days, or even weeks at a time, we offer the best option for your four-legged furry friend and we’ll help your wallet! 

All guests who are not a regular client of Bubba Dog must pass a temperament evaluation, once passed they’ll be able to play in doggie day care during the day, be fed their dinner and a Bubba snack, then retire to their own open space cot or crate (if a crate is preferred) for a night of toy fetchin, ball throwing, doggie chasing squirrel dreams!  Kisses and belly rubs will be provided at no additional cost.  When they awake, they’ll be recharged for another fun-filled day at Bubba World!  We offer raised cots and clean bedding to keep your furry friend off the floor, so they’re safe, cozy, and content.  Feel free to bring their own bed or blanket(s). 

Please remember to bring enough food to sustain all days/nights your loved one is in our care.  Bubba Dog does not provide food, only treats!  😊  If Bubba Dog is obligated to purchase food that you have forgotten, the pet owner will be required to reimburse any cost associated with the feedings. 

Monday thru Friday: 6:30AM to 6:00PM
Saturday & Sunday by appointment only

$24 for 1 dog per 24 hours and Doggie Day Care is included if your pet passes a temperament test.

A deposit is required for any stay over 72 hours.

Rates stay the same even during holidays
Holiday boarding will require a minimum 2-night reservation along with a nonrefundable deposit.  Below, are the most popular holidays:
New Year’s
Spring Break
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day

Multiple Night Discount is available after 168 consecutive hours (7 days).

Multiple Dog Discount:  Rates decrease to $18.00 per dog per 24 hours ($36)

After Hours, Early Drop Off, Late Pick Up, and Closed Business day (outside of regular established business hours) will be charged a convenience fee of $10.00 

Contact our staff today for more details on availability, dates and deposits.